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Our Philosophy


In the presence of such generosity, our choices, the choices made by the Tsolakis family, were very deliberate.  For the third consecutive generation, and from the beginning of the last century, we cultivate the rose in our country, faithful to tradition and to the balance of nature and her countless mysteries. We have been respectful to the wisdom of time and to the success of the journey of the rose. We have followed in the footsteps of our innovative parents, continuing the production of rosewater.

We have not however stopped there. We have been inspired by the wealth and harmony of the gifts of Mother Nature. We have harnessed the gamut of our own gifts, focusing on progress through research and with the help of technology, never losing sight of the heritage entrusted to us, or the wisdom of nature’s laws. We believe in the purity of the ingredients and gifts of love that we’ve experienced ourselves as children, and wished in turn to pass them on, just as we received them, to you.