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Organic Beauty Cosmetics

With our two pure and established products as a base, rosewater and rose oil, we have created a range of daily face and body care products. Their ingredients, same as the ingredients of all our products, are derived from organically produced plants. Their production warrants particular research and care, since pesticides and other chemical fertilizers are not an option.

Our products are controlled and monitored under the most stringent supervision throughout their cultivation. Dermatologically tested and environmentally friendly, they are not tested on animals. As certified bio cultured products, according to European standards, they have been approved and are recognized by the European Union.

In our respect for mother nature, we have consciously chosen bio methods of cultivation and are committed to avoid using other chemical ingredients that are compromising and harmful to man and nature. The positive and encouraging response from our clientele on the results and safety of our products, vindicate the choices we have made.

Organic cosmetics are products which do not contain synthetic fragrances so they don’t have intense fragrance. For flavored essential oils are mainly used.

Our products at a glance

Venus Rose – A range of natural rose bio cosmetics

  • Rose Essential Oil
  • “Marie Rose” Rose Perfume
  • Rose Facial Toner
  • Rose Purifying Cleansing Lotion
  • Rose Day cream
  • Rose Night cream
  • Rose Face Serum
  • Rose Eye Cream
  • Rose Moisturizing Body Lotion
  • Rose Face Mask
  • Rose Face Peeling
  • Rose Shower Gel
  • Rose Shampoo
  • Rose Hair Mask
  • Rose Toothpaste
  • Gentle After Shave Cream for Men